robosen K1

The Wicked Smart Programmable Econobot
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T9 Interstellar Agent

It's a vehicle. It's a robot. It's what will give young and old a true appreciation of what robotics can be. It's the Robosen T9.

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T9E Planetary Rover

It may look like just a great fun toy, but T9E – the latest advanced, programmable auto convertible robot on the market.

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K1 Interstellar Scout

K1 is a programmable humanoid robot used for education and entertainment. K1 is both fun and educational for kids to adults.

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T9E Planetary Rover

Programmable Auto Converting Robot
Mobile App and Voice Controlled

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Patented Technology

Our servo motors provide precision control and smooth motion. Perform realistic and complex movements with one of the most agile robots ever created.

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4 Programming options:  Voice Programming, Pose Record and Play, Visual Block Programming and Advance 3D Programming.

Unleash the fun -- and your imagination -- by manually programming the actions. Manual programming is easy to do and turns playtime into an educational bonus.

Robosen uses Visual programming language to convert complex programming codes into simple and easy-to-understand graphical blocks.

Take imagination and inspiration to the next level by programming via PC using our 3D graphical programming tool that allows you to create more complex, precise, and interactive motion sequences.

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Visionary Craftsmanship and Technology

Classic industrial design, combined with high-grade metal alloy parts and superior finishes, means superlative product quality and reliability. This advanced hardware, combined with sophisticated software and programming capabilities, results in a state-of-the-art robotics platform. And it’s a hands-on experience that is sure to broaden everyone’s technology horizons.