K1 Interstellar Scout

K1 Interstellar Scout - Your Personal Robot

K1 is a programmable humanoid robot used for education and entertainment. This robot is well designed with high-precision servo joints with options programming options and three control methods. K1 is both fun and educational for kids to adults.

K1 is engineered to be easily programmable and controllable. There are not many voice-controlled robots, which can be programmed to perform many actions based on voice commands. K1 runs on a rechargeable Li-polymer 2000mAh 12V battery.

K1’s body is made up of ABS plastic. There are 17 servo motors to give it a wide range of movement. K1 is designed to be a cool educational toy for kids to get interested in the field of robotics at an entry-level price tag.

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Personal & Customizable

The K1 Interstellar Scout has a virtually limitless range of programmable motion sequences thanks to its suite of advanced servo motors at each joint.

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Robosen K-One Mobile App

It makes learning fun.  There are 2 programming features on the app.  One is manual programming where you pose, record and playback the robot's action.  The other one is visual block base programming where you drag and drop defined actions blocks.  In addition to using the app, K1 can also be programmed and controlled with voice commands.  For even more advance programming, you can use your PC to program K1 with direct USB cable connection.

Two Editions to Choose From

Robosen is offering 2 K1 editions to choose.  Same great features and functions with minor differences.  The K1 Pro edition comes in black, supports 80 voice commands and comes in a nice storage container.  The K1 Blue supports 30 voice commands and do not come with a storage container.

Say "Hello" to K1, Our New Wicked Smart Robot



Mobile App Controlled

Supports Android and IOS Devices.

Voice Controlled

Supports between 30 and 80 voice commands.


4 Programming Options.

17 Servo Motors

Chest 1, Arms & Hands 3x2, Legs & Feet 5x2.

18 Microchips

18 Microcontroller to control 17 servo motors

Bluetooth Connection

Connects via Bluetooth 4.2 BLE


A built-in microphone allows the robot to react to voice commands.


Built-in speaker for system sounds and robot response.

Lithium Battery

A rechargeable Lithium battery is included with the robot.